CNN Correspondent Clarissa Ward Welcomes Newborn Son Iggy to Their Family

CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward and her husband Philipp von Bernstorff are now parents of three, with the arrival of their son Inigo Alexander Rumi Grainger Graf von Bernstorff-Wotersen. The couple welcomed Iggy, as he will be called, on Tuesday, May 23rd at 8:52 a.m. U.K. time, weighing 8 lbs.

The family is “delirious with love” according to Ward, who said her son had a shock of dark hair like his two older brothers Caspar (2) and Ezra (5).

Ward admitted to People that her pregnancy journey was “quite challenging” considering she spent more than 12 weeks reporting from the front lines of the war in Ukraine since February 2022. She has taken steps to ensure a safe delivery, such as avoiding frontline locations and being aware of perinatal facilities along their routes.

Ward has always been fond of having a large family and is excited for her sons to have each other. The family looks forward to the future with Iggy and Ward is confident that her boys will love their mama always!

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