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Social Media and Unrealistic Beauty Standards

The saying “beauty is in the eyes of the eyes of the beholder” used to apply to how society and people viewed beauty and...

Kylie Jenner Relaunches Kylie Cosmetics With a Few Tweaks

Kylie Jenner has relaunched Kylie cosmetics, only this time it's different. The model, socialite, and reality TV star's beauty brand made a comeback after...

Short Hair Hacks: How To Style Short Hair

Short hair can be fun initially, until you end up having the same look or style for 6 months straight. We get it! Hair-inspiration is not something that is easy to come by.

Have You Seen Chrissy Teigen’s Skin Care Routine?

We all know Chrissy Teigen has flawless skin. So when she posted her glowy skin on Instagram, it did not come as a surprise that fans were asking for her secret skin care routine.

The Truth About Whether A Scalp Massager Can Help Your Hair Grow Longer

You most likely have heard the myth that scalp massagers help you grow healthy hair. Who doesn't want their hair to grow right?

Columbia Researchers Have Found A Way To Reverse Hair Graying

A research group in Columbia University has found that if the cause of your gray hair was a stressful event, once that stress is removed, your hair would revert back to its original color. 

How To Mix Your Own Natural Skin Cream

Finding a great skincare brand for your skin can be a herculean task. Hence you may need to mix your skin cream depending on your skin type.

Easy Way To Wash Braided Hair

Hair Braids really make a woman's world go round. Not only do they look great, they protect the hair from breakage, and they last for weeks. However not everyone knows how to wash braided hair.

10 Things You Should Know Before Using The Dudu Osun Soap

These days there is a certain craze for black soaps. This is because a lot of times, the skin starts to act up, other times, it is because people have a misconception that black soap will bleach them. This article is about the Dudu Osun black soap and 10 things you should expect when using it.

Meet the 37 Contestants in the 2019 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Beauty Pageant MBGN

The 2019 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria beauty pageant is here and the 37 ladies who will be competing have been unveiled.

8 Best Hair Braid Salons In NYC

Need your braids popping this season? This list contains 8 best hair braid salons in New York City. While there are of course a lot of hairdressers in NYC, you want to go for the very best.

Dimma Umeh’s Self Care Routine Is What You Need To Pamper Yourself To This Weekend

Beauty & lifestyle vlogger, Dimma Umeh shared her self-care and pamper day routine. The products she used include:

45 Best Wig Quotes For 2019

Ever gotten stuck looking for wig quotes for your social media content calendar or memes? Well, we have too. Below is a list of 45 wig quotes from which you can choose. Best part? They are absolutely relatable.

5 Makeup Retouching Tips to Maintain a Fresh Look All Day

No matter how long-wearing your makeup products are, you will still see them break down slowly as the hours pass. The various activities you engage in throughout the day, as well as your skin’s natural sebum production, can cause color intensity to fade and shine to develop on the T-zone.

A Complete List Of The 22 African Women Competing In The Miss World 2018 Beauty Pageant

Today the world’s most coveted crown would be put on by a woman who would become the winner of most beautiful girl in the world, Miss World 2018. This year, the beauty pageant would be taking place in China, where India’s Manushi Chhillar, 2017 winner would crown her successor.

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