Winnie Harlow Launches Skin Care Line for All Skin Types

Winnie Harlow is diving into the beauty industry with the debut of Cay skin, a collection of sun-care products created with gentle island-based substances and high-performance skin-care actives for all skin types.

The range includes sunscreens for your face and body, a lip balm that protects your lips every day, and body oil that is packed with nutrients.

She told Vanity Fair, “As a woman of colour, I know firsthand the importance of having sun protection that not only defends against harmful UV rays but also hydrates and nourishes the skin,”

“Cay skin was created with this in mind, using natural ingredients that provide optimum sun protection without leaving the skin feeling dry or irritated.”

Her new skin-care brand includes the Universal Mineral Face Lotion and the Isle Body Oil. Each of the products offers SPF 30 or greater protection.

Harlow’s goal was for all four products to work on every skin tone.

“Sun care is skincare and Cay Skin is for everyone under the sun,”

She told Allure, “I came into the industry at a time right before that break of diversity. It was still very much a struggle for me to get a start, but I always had faith in it. I was like, there needs to be a change and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

The products are available online at and will launch in-store at Sephora in April.

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