35 Affirmations to Boost Confidence During Job Interviews

Job interviews are nerve-wracking for just about everybody. Even the most confident candidates can feel flustered, anxious or unprepared during an interview.

The good news is that confidence matters just as much as knowledge and experience when you’re trying to win over a potential employer. It’s not just about getting your qualifications across – it’s also important to project calmness, warmth and professionalism.

Managing your nerves is the best way to command an interviewer’s attention with poise and self-assurance.

Here Are 35 Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence During Job Interviews

1) I am perfectly capable of handling this interview.

2) I am excited about this opportunity to show what I can do.

3) This is my time, and my interviewer is here to listen to me.

4) My answers in this interview will be honest and genuine because that is who I am.

5) All of the answers I have prepared are answers that fit me.

6) My interviewer will appreciate my honesty.

7) I will tell my interviewer why I am the best candidate for this position.

8) The more comfortable I am, the better that my interviewers feel.

9) This is a time to show that I am the best candidate.

10) I will be profitable for this company, and they will see my value.

11) I am sure of myself and confident in all that I say.

12) My confidence is contagious; everyone around me will feel it too.

13) I am on top of my game today! My mind is clear, I know what to expect and I am ready for anything!

14) I am allowed to be nervous, but I will not let that get in the way of my success.

15) This is just one interview; even if I do not get this job, there are many other opportunities out there.

16) I am a quiet storm of success, and I’m coming to make a difference.

17) I will complete this interview with poise and professionalism.

18) My interviewer’s opinion of me is not as important as my own opinion of myself.

19) I will leave this interview knowing all that I need to know about the company and its culture.

20) The interviewer can see that I’m capable of doing this job well. They are interested in working with me because they know I will be great at what needs to get done!

21) I am bringing something valuable to this company, and they will recognise that.

22) All the questions that I’m asked during this interview are opportunities for me to showcase how I can help this company to be better than it already is.

23) I am highly qualified for this position, and all of my experience has prepared me well.

24) There is no way that I can fail in this interview because everything that I say will be the truth.

25) My past does not predict what I will do today or tomorrow.

26) My interviewer is just as nervous as I am.

27) All of the energy that I’ve been feeling is now going towards making me stronger and more confident.

28) If I forget something, it’s okay. It’s not a big deal. I will not lose my opportunity for this job because of one little thing.

29) This interview is an opportunity for me to showcase my skills and abilities.

30) I am prepared to take the reins and lead the future of this company to success.

31) I will succeed in this interview because my approach is well thought out and my mind is calm.

32) I will take charge in this interview because that is what I do best.

33) This interview is the beginning of a wonderful relationship between myself and this company.

34) I am excited about this opportunity to show what I can do.

35) This is my time, and my interviewer is here to listen to me.

Affirmations and positive self-talk can be used to help influence our body’s chemistry and can also change the way we speak with others

Saying these affirmations to yourself will certainly help you feel more confident during a job interview.

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