6 Alternative Things To Say When You Aren’t Ready For The ‘L’ Word

Saying the ‘L’ word can be really difficult for some people as it is the ultimate commitment in a relationship. However, it also doesn’t work if you say nothing to the partner who you’ve grown quite fond of or might even love. So, what can you say if you aren’t ready for ‘I Love You?’ We have a list of alternative things you can say which can buy you a bit of time while you try to sort out your feelings towards the other party.

6 Alternative things To Say When You Aren’t Ready For The ‘L’ Word

  1. “I am not ready to say that back yet, but you are important to me”

Honesty is the best policy and in a relationship with a mature partner, they understand that you might be unable to say the words back yet. But, being upfront about your feelings while giving the person a hint of where they stand in your life is very helpful. At least now they know this isn’t just a fling and that you just need some time.

2. “That means so much to me.”

This is a great way to acknowledge what the other party has said without saying it back. So, if saying ‘I love You’ is a bit too intense for you at the moment, at least recognizing what it took for the other person to say it goes a long way in keeping things running smoothly.

  1.  “I think I might feel the same”

Ensure that you say this when you start feeling that way. If you cannot say it just yet, telling the other party that you might feel the same way is great.

  1. A long, deep kiss

We all have our love languages, but more importantly, we have methods to express our love that we’re comfortable with. While some people find it very easy to say the words ‘I love you’ others are better at expressing it with intimacy. So, if you are more physical, a deep kiss could convey your feelings to your partner. That said, it is important that if you are dating a person who appreciates words of affirmation you speak to them in their own love language. But seeing as this might take you a bit more time, a kiss would have to do for now.

5.”I have never felt this way before, and I am still trying to process it”

This is yet another honest statement that your partner would understand especially if they know you struggle with commitments. What it conveys to them is that you care about them enough to properly sort through your feelings and find out what your feelings towards them are.

  1. . “I am so happy that you’re in my life”

This could be pretty tricky as it might seem that you are blowing them off which is why the intensity of how you say it is very important. Therefore, to really convey your feelings, it might help to look them in the eye, give them a kiss and say it. This way, a discerning partner will understand that they mean a lot to you but you’re just struggling with the words at the moment.

There are a lot of reasons why saying the ‘L’ word is difficult for it, but know that it’s okay to take your time. However, always take the feelings of the other party into consideration.

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