On Doctor Anu, Med Contour And The Rise Of Cosmetic Surgery In Nigeria

In recent times, more women have taken to social media to call out Dr Anu of Med Contour for the adverse effects of the cosmetic surgery she had done on people.

On Doctor Anu, Med Contour And The Rise Of Cosmetic Surgery In Nigeria
Dr Anu

In February 2019, Dr Anu was called out for the death of an ex beauty queen Nneka who developed complications after the botched surgery.

This year, popular social media user @omohtee took to twitter to tell the world about the surgery she had allegedly just undergone with Dr Anu and the complications she suffered from it.

Most recently, a video surfaced online of a woman who was seen to be having some complications on her breast after a surgery allegedly done at Med Contour, Dr Anu’s clinic. According to her, the surgery cost N1,650,000 and has seen her visiting up to three hospitals to deal with the issues which arose from the surgery.

Though Dr Anu, who is allegedly a 2016 graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, has come out to refute some of the previous accusations, she hasn’t said anything about the most recent video. It begs the question, how safe is doing your cosmetic surgery in Nigeria? How does an alleged 2016 graduate amass the skill needed to perform cosmetic surgery on women between 2016 and 2019 (the year of her first known complication)? Is Doctor Anu board certified to practice cosmetic surgery on people? Has the MDCN looked into this case critically? And if they haven’t, why not? How qualified are the various other doctors who currently perform cosmetic surgery in Nigeria?

Cosmetic surgery has seen a rise in Nigeria and this has been due to a myriad of reasons, but not many women are doing their due diligence on the doctors they approach when setting out to do the surgery. Research has shown that in the United States alone, nearly a quarter million more surgeries are performed each year. Though no such research has been carried out in Nigeria, it has become obvious that cosmetic surgery is more rampant than you may like to admit.

Some of the reasons for the rise in cosmetic surgery in Nigeria include:

Rise in social media screen time:

There was a time when we could only see pictures of ourselves after events like birthdays, weddings, etc. Now, people have to deal with seeing pictures of themselves and the features they may or may not like about their body almost every day on social media. It gets worse, people have to deal with positive or negative feedback thrown at them due to how their body looks.

More affordability:

Cosmetic surgery has become more affordable over the years. There was a time when this procedure was for the uber-rich. Now, it can be afforded by a working professional who just wants to get the kind of body she has always dreamed of. From the video in the tweet above, the lady stated that she got her surgery done for N1,650,000.00 which is approximately $3500.

More health benefits:

While cosmetic surgery may not exactly be curing cancer, it has helped some women get over psychological issues like depression. Breast reduction has also been shown to help disc or back problems, while botox (botulinum toxin type A used for smoothing wrinkles, can also help with eyelid spasms, hypersalivation and hyperhidrosis.

However, if you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery, here are some things you need to do:

Ask yourself why you need it:

If you just want cosmetic surgery so you can feel better about certain parts of your body, that is fine. But if you want surgery because you want to impress other people, you may never be happy even with the surgery.

Check in with a reputable surgeon:

Plastic surgeons are trained as much as heart surgeons. You need to go to  board certified cosmetic surgeon. Check their success rates, what are the reviews about said surgeon? These are things you want to find out about.

Specify what you want and be realistic:

Cosmetic surgery is not magic. Hence you may need to be realistic about the kind of procedure you want and what you want to achieve. Also specify what you want, where you want to reduce, what parts you want increased etc. It is not enough to go in saying, “I want small breasts”, or “I want big lips” or “I want better skin”.

Overall, love yourself, cosmetic surgery or not.

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