Deloitte survey reveals that Gender equality at workplace triples women’s productivity, loyalty

Deloitte’s recent “Women at work” survey on Monday, revealed that women in organisations that practice gender equality have three times higher loyalty, productivity, and motivation than those working with laggards.

The survey also showed that the transition to full-time work has resulted in difficult adjustments for many women professionals.

This survey conveys the views of 5,000 women across 10 countries, including India.

Women employed by Gender Equality Leaders (GELs) reported high levels of professional fulfilment.

Statistics show that the following metrics, Loyalty 76%, Productivity 75%, Motivation and sense of belongingness 71% all rated high.

These professionals are more likely to recommend their organisations to others, express satisfaction with mental health support, and feel comfortable discussing their mental health at work.

They also show greater optimism about career prospects and do not see their gender as a barrier.

Conversely, women in lagging organisations score significantly lower across these metrics.

Subsequently, the transition to full-time work poses challenges for many women as, 41% have requested reduced hours, 31% reported a negative impact on mental well-being while 36% have a diminished view of their employer.

Nearly all surveyed women in India believe that seeking flexible work arrangements could hinder their career progression, 96% feel requesting flexible work might impact their career growth, 91% are uncomfortable discussing work-life balance challenges with managers while 94% do not believe their workload would be adjusted if they utilised flexible working options.

If an organisation truly wants to grow, all its people need to be able to put their best foot forward.

When your policies targeted at growing the careers of women professionals translate into action, you will be much better placed to grow, because you’re getting the best perspectives and a driven, gender-diverse workforce.

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