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5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Natural Hair

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The common misconception about keeping natural hair is that its cost of maintenance is high. While it requires a lot of time and patience, you don’t necessarily need to adopt a difficult routine or apply every product you see to maintain your healthy natural hair. It all depends on your preference and your type of hair.

Actually, it doesn’t hurt to use several products and spend a long time just to get the hair of your dreams. But it’s still important to note that there are easier and simpler ways for you to be ever ready and on the move.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Natural Hair

Here are five things to do that’ll keep your natural hair Glam!

Water is a natural hair moisturizer

The best moisturizer for natural hair is water. Other oils and creams to make your hair glow are also good but water is the best.

You only have to be careful about the type of water you use to wash your hair. Do not use unclean or hard water to wash your hair because it might leave mineral deposits in your hair which could lead to dryness and breakage.

The most important reason for hair fall is dandruff and itchy scalp so the best thing is when your hair is not braided or fixed wash it at least once a week. It is also important to avoid hot water.

Avoid hot hair tools

Avoid using hairdryers, straighteners, hot rollers and other hot tools to either straighten or dry your hair. If you just washed your hair. Let the air around you dry it and try not to use straighteners often. It damages the hair.

Use Leave-in conditioners

Get a leave-in conditioner that works with your type of hair and apply regularly. It helps the roots of your hair and gives you healthy hair. It is usually good to stick to one good product because changing it every time can affect the growth and healthiness of your hair.

Deep conditioning treatment

A deep conditioning treatment will be very profitable to your hair, making it more moisturized and less brittle. Use a deep conditioning product according to the label (make sure it contains coconut oil, shea butter or other oils good for the hair.

Better still you can get it done at a salon. You can also check out YouTube for tutorials on homemade conditioners they go a long way in helping you treat your hair right.

Protective Styles

You don’t want cutting (especially in front) breakage or discolouration of your natural hair. That is why you’ll want to make hairstyles that would protect your hair. Difficult and manipulative hairstyles might just be bad for your hair. But if you can keep the styles moderate you’ll be saving your hair, scalp and sometimes your hands.

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