Monday, October 18, 2021

Online Dating: Do’s And Don’t s

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The internet is a cool place to meet really cool people who share similar interests with you. Today, there are numerous apps and dating sites which provide people with the platform to meet new people and build relationships from there.

However, certain rules are to be adhered to if one wishes to find his/her soul mate online. This article sheds more light on Dos and Dont’s of online dating.


Be honest about who you are:

Basically, be yourself. Don’t lie about your age, or looks, or character or likes and dislikes. Make sure any physical description correlates with what you see in a mirror. Frankly, if you’re short, say  “I’m a bit short.” No one would crucify you for saying the truth. And frankly, you’d do yourself a whole lot good by being sincere.

Make your English teacher proud

Be conscious about your grammar, spelling, Diction and punctuation. If you’re not certain about a word, check Google or a dictionary.

Use an appropriate photo

This is very important. Avoid pictures that are too revealing or too sexual or generally or one with you putting your arms around someone of the opposite sex. Also, use fairly recent pictures. Don’t use a picture of you 2-3 years back because people change physically.

Date within a small geographical radius

Date someone who is relatively close by so as to avoid complications. Also, it’d make communication easier and communication is key to any relationship.


Don’t give away too much information.

Limit just how much information you give about yourself, particularly information in regards to how you can be contacted. A phone number is the most suitable. So basically avoid adding your home address or email.

Don’t rely too much on humour or sexual innuendos

Sense of humour differs depending on age, gender, culture, mood, ethnicity or the context in which the humour is used. Avoid trying to be too witty and funny all the time. Be as straightforward as possible.

Meet publicly and make sure someone knows where you’re going.

Remember, anyone you meet online is still a stranger regardless of how close you get to the person.

So, there you have it. Some of the DO’s and DONT’s of online dating. Hopefully, this inspires someone.

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