10 New Sex Routines To Try Out To Spice Up Your Relationship

There are a lot of things that can make your sex life stale. From work commitments to kids, or even your mental state, there are several hindrances to having a good time with your hubby. If you are in this situation, trying something new could go a long way in reinvigorating your sex life. So, we have a couple of ideas to try out that could add some spice to your romance.

10 New Sex Routines To Try Out To Spice Up Your Relationship

Take Pictures

Sex pics could be incredibly stimulating and taking one of the two of you while you’re at it could add a new dimension to your relationship. There’s also something really powerful about knowing that something that racy exists for just the two of you.


Role-play has been a fun little sex life boost for as long as humanity can remember. This is because there’s just something so awesome about pretending to be other people. So, play dress up, or play certain roles that might add some excitement to the bedroom.


Have you ever read erotica? Did it turn you on? It probably did, so imagine reading it to your partner. Dip your voice low and read slowly and watch as your man squirms and eventually just grabs you and rips your clothes off.

Give him the vibrator

Sex toys are a great way to stimulate yourself when the hubby is unavailable, but have you imagined how much more pleasure it would be if he had the controls? Hence, he can decide the duration and the intensity of the toy to take you to incredible heights of pleasure.

Add A Bit of Edge to Your Make out Routine

When you are married making out tends to be slow and deliberate. But this could get boring, so why not hark back to your teenage years when frenzied kissing was all the rage? Grab your partner’s head and kiss him hard, the longer it goes on, the more fun it becomes.

Change Location

Maybe you have always had sex in the bedroom and while it has the most obvious tools for sex, it could get old quickly. So, why not head to a hotel, or sneak a session when the kids aren’t home in the kitchen or living room.

Deprive Your Senses

It is widely believed that by cutting off one of your senses, you heighten the others. This is why blind eating is a thing. The same is true for sex, and a couple of blindfolds, ball gags, earplugs or mittens could increase your sensitivity during sex.

Masturbate Together

This is another powerful routine that elevates the sexual experience. Both of you can self stimulate and reach orgasm together, or even swap so that he’s stimulating your clit while you give him a hand job.

Play Some Music

Music is an incredibly powerful tool that can heighten your sexual experience. So, instead of your normal routine, why not cue up a sex playlist? There are many on the regular streaming platforms, or you and your partner can customize one and populate it with songs that mean something to the two of you.

Wake Up Oral

Very few guys will have a problem with waking up to your mouth wrapped around their cock. Consider trying this out or even slotting it in while he is asleep. Ensure that your man is up for this and if he isn’t just try something else.

I hope these tips can add a little something extra to your bedroom, try them out today.

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