Winners Of The Digital African Woman Pitch

The Digital African Woman Pitch which took place on the 28th July in Lafia, Kaduna State, Nigeria, saw 10 contestants pitch their businesses before panelists in a bid to win the Digital African Woman Award.



The winners include:

Hussaina Bashir Isyaku, the founder of Sizzle and Spice; Isere Alele, the founder of Isomen Farms; Yevu Dorris, the founder of YevuDorris Clothing.

Sizzle and Spice is a brand focused on exotic herbs and spice blends from all over the world. The founder, Hussaina Bashir Isyaku said, “I discovered spices when I was pregnant with my daughter, I missed a certain soup which I used to take when I was in Malaysia. So, I embarked on a research to find out if I can make the soup here in Nigeria.” According to her, she found out that the flavor was actually abundant around her community. “Since then, I kept on exploring and discovering new flavours” she continued. Sizzle and Spice started with 4 spices, and now has 30 spices.

YevuDorris Clothing is converting used, redundant clothes to bespoke pieces. According to Yevu Dorris, the founder, she sources for old fabric and used clothing which she then remakes into stylish and affordable bespoke outfits for her clients. She has more than 50% profit margin on each piece she sells.

Other businesses who pitched at the event included Afrikstabel, Wande clothings among others.

Afrikstabel, a company who makes indigenous African fabrics for sale to fashion designers. ” I discovered that most of what we call native wears are not even indigenous. They are not made in Nigeria. So I sought out to start making fabrics. I make mostly Adire and Batik. The difference between both is how it is made.”

Wande Clothings is a fashion brand for women. They deal with ready to wear outfit and bespoke outfit for women. “Our focus is to redefine style by providing women with quality outfits that make them feel confident. We are focused on making outfits that relate more to their personality.”

Digital African Woman (DAW),  is a social enterprise dedicated to the innovation and support for female-led tech businesses across Africa and the Diaspora.

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