Who is Tezlyn Figaro, Policy Consultant on Netflix’s Documentary Civil: Ben Crump

Tezlyn Figaro is a policy consultant who stars in Netflix’s latest documentary, Civil: Ben Crump. She has worked in a lot of different jobs. These include being a communications advisor, political consultant, and manager. She is also the founder of the Tezlyn Figaro Communications Group, which has won awards. Plus, she is a certified mediator for civil, circuit, and appellate conflicts in Florida’s Supreme Court

Crump has been described as “Black America’s attorney general” for his work and as a rights advocate. In this Netflix documentary, Tezlyn Figaro is described as a “public policy consultant.”

She is also a host of several radio and podcast shows. Tezlyn Figaro runs the Straight Shot, No Chaser podcast on Charlemagne Tha God’s Black Effect Podcast Network. She is also a political commentator on the national Black News 24-hour cable news channel.

Tezlyn Figaro is introduced twenty minutes into the Netflix documentary, Civil: Ben Crump when she speaks at a rally in Virginia.

Speaking about both her and Crump’s approach to civil rights activism, Figaro tells the crowd: “He’s Martin [Luther King Jr.], I’m Malcolm [X].”

Tezlyn Figaro is a senior public policy consultant for Ben Crump. She creates public policy strategies for Crump’s clients, which includes the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Monroe Bird, victims of OKC Officer Holtzclaw, victims of the Flint Water Crisis, and the victims of the Orlando Pulse night club shooting.

In the documentary, the viewers see how Figaro and Crump work together to create a plan of action to represent the families of the victims.

Figaro was also the National Racial Justice Director for the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2016.

Tezlyn Figaro also serves as a Senior Advisor for the George Floyd Foundation. Figaro has been posting about the documentary in the lead up to its release on Twitter and Instagram. You can find her on both social media platforms under the handle @TezlynFigaro.

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