What is the fly lady cleaning method?

The fly lady cleaning method is an approach to cleaning that emphasizes efficiency and consistency. This method by Marla Ciley is all the rave on TikTok and helps to break down the process of cleaning into smaller, more manageable zones, with each zone being completed over the course of a designated week.

The goal is to help reduce feelings of overwhelm or burnout related to housecleaning, by making it easier to complete small, daily cleaning tasks that gradually contribute to a cleaner and more peaceful home.

The method is to be implemented by scheduling small chunks of time each day to complete a designated cleaning zone, and sticking to this routine on a consistent basis.

This may involve breaking down your home into different zones and focusing on one area at a time, or working through a larger space in more detail over the course of several days.

Begin your decluttering journey in Zone 1, where you can tackle your entryway, front porch and dining room all within the first week of each month. Zone 2, the kitchen, is completed during the second full week of every month. Zone 3 encompasses the main bathroom and another room in your home, such as an office or pantry. The fourth zone, zones 4 and 5 are both the bedroom and its closets and bathrooms respectively. Zone 5 is also completed during a shorter period due to it’s overlap with other zones.

Whether you follow the fly lady cleaning method to the letter, or make minor tweaks to suit your own needs and preferences, the overall goal is to create a regular and manageable routine for house cleaning that can help you feel more in control of your home environment.

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