Everyone Wants to Know What Happened to Ivy Queen’s Latest TikTok Video

Ivy Queen, a 50-year-old Puerto Rican musician, worried her followers after a recent TikTok video appeared to suggest she was sick. The video, which was released on May 31, featured a collection of photographs that appeared to have been taken at medical facilities.

A short voice message from the singer played over the montage, assuring fans that she is an “apprentice, not a victim of life,” and encouraging them to “be an angel in someone’s life whenever they can.”


Gracias a aquellos que procuran por mi y me envían sus mensajes. La empatía es un regalo, una manifestación.

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodrguez, well known in the industry as Ivy Queen or simply La Queen, is a well-known Puerto Rican musician and Reggaeton pioneer. She began her career in 1995, when she joined the underground group The Noise in San Juan, Puerto Rico, then left a year later to pursue a solo career. 

With the release of her third studio album, Diva, in 2003, Queen’s career took off, and she swiftly established herself as one of Reggaeton’s wealthiest performers, with a claimed net worth of $10 million in 2017

She produced a podcast called Loud in 2021 that looked at the beginnings of Reggaeton in Panama and Puerto Rico’s black and immigrant communities.

Away from the spotlight, La Queen is devoted to her family and shares regular updates on social media, such as these photos from Mother’s Day with her daughter and partner:

In Ivy’s latest video, which has gotten her fans concerned, the singer is seen in a photomontage with different medical gadgets attached to her, her hair wrapped in a turban, and bruises all over her body. Queen is renowned for wearing wigs, so the hair covering may not be altogether unexpected. 

Her face is either anguished, frowning, or completely hidden from view. She’s resting in what appears to be an oxygen therapy chamber in a couple of the photos. 

Ivy Queen sincerely recounts what transpired over the images with the following statement (in Spanish):

“I am an apprentice, not a victim of life. Here I am, with the overwhelming strength of a heart that won’t give up because I am a warrior by nature and I’m proud of how brave I’ve been in these moments. Please, whenever you can, be an angel in someone’s life because you never know when you might need one in yours. With that said, thank you all for your concern.”

The message didn’t specify what illness Queen is battling and, when asked to give details, she added: “Thank you to all those worrying for me and sending me messages. Empathy is a gift, and a manifestation.”

Get well soon,’ reggaeton enthusiasts say. 

Fans are flooding Queen’s comment sections on social media with perplexed, frightened, and hopeful sentiments, in both English and Spanish.

While it appears that the singer would want to keep her sickness a secret, she is far from alone in her struggle. Ivy Queen’s health appears to be in excellent hands, as evidenced by the images, and she is receiving treatment for her illness.

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