Meet Tara Blake: Podcaster and Dan Crenshaw’s Wife

Tara Blake is a podcaster and fundraiser. She is also the wife of Congressman Dan Crenshaw. The pair met through a friend. She was a dental hygienist and he was a Navy SEAL at the time. She covers their courtship in the video Dan Crenshaw As A Husband, Person, and Promised Leader.

In the video, she claims that he had a dry wittiness and was amusing. “It took me some time to accept a date.” They were long-standing pals before anything occurred.

They eventually got married in Colorado on April 1, 2013. Three years later, they relocated to Massachusetts.

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Personal life

She was born in 1983 in New York. John Terence Blake and Nan Connelly Blake are her parents. Erin and John Terrence Jr., Tara’s sister and brother, are her younger siblings. 

As children of Navy families, they share some similarities in their upbringing. Both of them are podcast hosts. Tara has used her platform to raise funds after her husband took government in early 2019.


Tara Blake’s podcast is called Gold Stars & Stripes. She started the project with Brooke Keating. The project was based on their personal experiences as daughters of military members and eventually military spouses.

The fathers of both hosts graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1975. The podcast’s aim is to raise awareness on “the challenges and nuances of military life as a spouse as well as everyday challenges as a civilian spouse.”

Dan Crenshaw has worn an eye patch since his left eye was damaged in Afghanistan in 2012, and Brooke’s husband Charlie died in battle in May 2016, Iraq.

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