We All Need Friends Like Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas In Our Lives This 2020

Nigerians are adept at taking the spotlight wherever they go. This apparently includes places
where they aren’t necessarily the center of attention.

This was the case of Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas who stole the collective heart of the
internet with her antics at the just concluded Miss World pageant.

Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh took home the ultimate prize, but Douglas stole the show, in large
part due to her enthusiastic dance to celebrate her sister and friend’s win.

When Singh’s win was announced, Douglas, instead of looking bereft at losing the competition,
instead did a little dance in solidarity with her fellow contestant.

Her celebration was so infectious that it was wildly celebrated on social media. There were
numerous posts praising the largess of the Miss Nigeria winner.

A social media user, Adeola Ariyo, was quite pleased with the behavior of her countrywoman and
she said in a post: “I can’t contain the excitement in me right now!! Congratulations
#missjamaica on winning #missworld. BUT GUYS!!!!!! Can we have a moment for #missnigeria
@nyeka_d ����❤️���� THIS IS THE KIND OF SUPPORT WE ALL NEED!!! ����������”

Douglas’ excitement for her friend also sparked a conversation about friendship and the types of
friends we surround ourselves with. Many posts on social media lauded her behavior but also
asked the pertinent question if we in our current lives behave to our friends the way Miss Nigeria

One of the most popular tweets on the matter reads: “Miss Nigeria Universe and Miss Nigeria
World are EXACTLY the friends every woman needs in their corner.

It is good to see women supporting each other, especially in a world where there is so much
division, competition, and hate. Here’s hoping we continue to see and read of beautiful stories
such as this.

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