Watch Blue Therapy – The Aftermath

From the finale episode, we all quite expected to watch the aftermath of the show like any other reality series and Trend Centrl delivered, almost immediately.

Get ready! Spoilers ahead…

First, Chioma and Paul are no longer together and in fact Paul wasn’t available for this session. This is quite a relief to me especially, but I would get into their situation in a bit. Let’s discuss the surprising twist that is Deborah and Jamal’s relationship.

They are back together and are working on the relationship which in my honest opinion, may not work out because Jamal called Deborah a harlot on set. But we would get to that.

Jamal and Deborah decided to work on their relationship, as expected, and they talked about where they currently are at the moment. They seem to be in a good place surprisingly. Deborah talked about being embarrassed on television. Jamal seemed apologetic about that.

Then, Deborah’s friend, Mensah is invited into the conversation. We can tell that there is no love lost between Jamal and Mensah, and at some point, Mensah comes off as disrespectful towards Jamal. But it is understandable after everything that Jamal has put Deborah through.

While it seems like the couple are actively working on keeping it together, it doesn’t seem like there would be a happy ever after for this one because Jamal managed to call Deborah a “harlot” for dating and sleeping with another man while they were on a two week break up following Jamal’s confession.

Now, I’m not saying that two weeks is enough to get over a partner who you claim to love, but I am saying that Jamal has lost the moral grounds to make such judgements.

Hey! He cheated remember? 4 hour conversation? In the car? With the ex? It happened just once? Oh please!

To avoid crying more than the bereaved, let’s jump right into Chioma’s relationship.

Chioma and Paul are no longer together and in fact, she made some interesting revelations. Apparently, Paul the self-acclaimed provider and protector doesn’t exactly provide. Can’t say I’m surprised though.

Chioma’s friend was also on the show, and she talked about Paul not paying his bills after dinner but jumping off to meet “clients” when it is time to pay. Paul is looking like an Abuja boy right now.

Chioma says they split the rent 60:40, though she doesn’t say who pays 60 or 40, but she does mention that he doesn’t provide for her, and that he is even in debt. Whew! At this point, it is a lot to take in.

At least we now know the reason for the wry smile Chioma always gave every time Paul mentioned high value clients and provider or protector.

Well, long story short, Chioma claims Paul is begging her to come back to him. Paul’s sister called in to the show to make matters worse, but we are not going to discuss her because she is a non-issue.

Overall, I’m happy that Chioma has left the toxic situation.

Watch Blue Therapy – The Aftermath below

Part 1 – Jamal and Deborah

Part 2 – Chioma and Paul

Part 3: The Two Couples Together

Update (June 13th, 2021):

A video has surfaced on Instagram which alleges that Blue Therapy was scripted. We have reached out to TrendCentrl to confirm this information and we are awaiting their response at this time.

Watch video here:

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