Blue Therapy Finale – Jamal Cheated!

So, like everyone else on the surface of the earth, I have been following Blue Therapy episodes (Are you even a real human if you are not watching it?) and the finale is a HANDFULLLLLL!!! Yes you heard that right!

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First, Paul again! This time, he brought his sister to the therapy session without Chioma’s knowledge of course.

Somehow that sister situation got handled and she left, after which Paul and Chioma discussed an even bigger situation.

Apparently, some 8 months ago, Chioma got pregnant and according to Chioma, Paul said that he couldn’t be there for her and the baby if she went ahead to keep it. Chioma then had an abortion which she feels guilty about and this has spiralled into the underlying cause of their relationship problems.

At the end of the session, Paul and Chioma seemed to be in a good place (or so we thought) where they hugged it out and professed what they wanted for their relationship going forward. Want to jump right into the aftermath episode? Click here.

Jamal and Deborah seem to be the crux of this episode and so we would dive right into it!

So, sometime in February, Jamal needed closure on his past relationship with his ex who he also trains (I don’t know how that works, but okay). They (Jamal and his ex-girlfriend) got into the car and had this 4-hour conversation. Well, your guess is as good as mine if you are envisaging that things got pretty steamy. In this episode, we know something did happen in that car, but Jamal is beating around the bush not wanting to be direct about it while Deborah is FUMING because she realizes now that her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her.

Deborah storms off and somehow, production manages to get her in the room to wrap up with Denise. At the end, we are told that there is an aftermath which should show us where each of the couples are currently.

Watch the episode here

Update (June 13th, 2021):

A video has surfaced on Instagram which alleges that Blue Therapy was scripted. We have reached out to TrendCentrl to confirm this information and we are awaiting their response at this time.

Watch video here:

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