Blue Therapy: The Reality Of Many Relationships

When the first episode of Blue Therapy aired, many people talked in the social media space about all that was wrong about the two relationships. However, many would agree that the two situations being aired are the reality of what many people face in their relationships.

What is Blue Therapy?

Blue Therapy is a Youtube short produced by Trend Centrl which airs every Thursday. It shows two couples who are currently in therapy. The relationship dynamic of each couple are extreme opposites with one another.

The couples are Paul and Chioma on one hand; and Jamal and Deborah on the other.

First, Paul.

Paul is a misogynistic narcissist who thinks the world revolves around him. And don’t get us started on how condescending he is towards Denise, the therapist.

It is very common to find Nigerian men who behave the way Paul behaves. They mostly have a controlling streak about them. One begins to wonder what a lady as intelligent and attractive as Chioma is doing with Paul.

Paul strikes me as the kind of person who saw his father being controlling towards his mother and learned all the wrong ways to date a person. It is very hard to see how Paul and Chioma’s relationship can progress from here because it seems to have broken down beyond repair – in my opinion.

Did Paul say he likes all his meals freshly cooked? What he needs is a maid, not a girlfriend/wife.

Plus, why on earth is Paul not having regular sex with Chioma, and they live in the same house? Is it me or do I think he is getting it from somewhere else?


Seems overall like a “nice” guy who just doesn’t want to be controlled by Deborah. In Deborah’s defence, she is like that for reasons which every woman can understand. When a man you love suddenly starts sneaking out to pick calls from other women at odd hours, it does give enough reason to raise eyebrows.

However, I tell every woman that when a man starts being that disrespectful, just leave (I know it’s hard). Turning into a controlling person who wants to all of a sudden start monitoring text messages and phone calls, just doesn’t give you a good look. The controlling is in italics because most women don’t start out relationships that way. The men start entertaining other women and, quite naturally, you want to know what’s up. Then these men would act like they woke up one morning beside a woman from hades who suddenly started to monitor them, without taking into consideration that they – the men – must not have been acting right.

Seriously auntie, just leave for your mental peace.

Jamal and Deborah’s relationship seems like one in which the issues are regular day to day relationship issues. I agree with Deborah, I totally see how Jamal’s relationship with other women can be a problem.

One problem I noticed from the beginning of this therapy, episode 1, was the conversation in which Deborah talked about how her man was supposed to provide all that she needed while being her “protector”. It just comes off as though she is having so many expectations from Jamal while she isn’t exactly pulling her weight either, as we see when Jamal asks her, “What do you bring to the table?”

The two men definitely have issues with other women, as I am neither going to trust a man who doesn’t have regular sex with me in our relationship, nor would I trust one who has a lot of women on his beck and call to the extent that Jamal appears to have. I understand the basis for work, but there should be boundaries when you are dating.

That said, the two relationships need work while Paul and Chioma’s relationship needs THERAPY or a BREAKUP as soon as possible. Also, is it just me or does Paul need personal therapy for himself?

Enough said.

Watch all the episodes of Blue Therapy below:

Update (June 13th, 2021):

A video has surfaced on Instagram which alleges that Blue Therapy was scripted. We have reached out to TrendCentrl to confirm this information and we are awaiting their response at this time.

Watch video here:

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