Girl on Girl Episode 1: Height Money or Loyalty – Which Would You Pick?

Popular Youtuber, Nella Rose is out with a new YouTube series, Girl on Girl produced by Wall of Entertainment.

This episode featured friends of Nella Rose: Adeola, Annie and Mariam who also have YouTube channels.

In the first segment called Group Chat Chronicles, Nella asked the question which every woman is familiar with, “Do you think that if you forgive your man for cheating, you need to forgive the girl too?”

The second segment came with an even more interesting question, “You are standing with your husband at the altar, the pastor turns around and says, “Would anybody like to object to this union?” and someone stands up to object. What would you do?”

This question has to be the most dreaded part of getting married. One can almost always feel the tension in the room when this question is asked.

The last segment is called The Box. Here, Nella Rose asked, “You can only choose to have two in a man, out of these three things: money, height, loyalty. Which would you go for?”. Most women will go for money (Yass!!!) and loyalty. Sure, the rest of the ladies went with money and loyalty except, of course, Nella who picked money and height. Well, a girl’s gotta have what a girl gotta have.

Nella says, “I have suffered for 19 years, it’s time for me to shake my ass on a yacht in Dubai in a Thong!” According to her, she is not worried about loyalty because “The man can be doing the doing things, because guess what, I am going to be doing the doing things”.

Well, there are no wrong answers to this question, everyone is right.

Watch Girl on Girl Episode 1 below:

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