Sexting Right: Tips To Reinvigorating Your Sex Life

Have you ever tried sexting? No? Why? You think you’ll suck at it? Well, don’t worry as we have a couple of tips to switch up your sexting game and leave your boyfriend/husband/FWB wanting more.

Sexting Right: Tips To Reinvigorating Your Sex Life
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The key to sending the right sext message is to understand the personality of who you are with. So if he is a subtle person, then tailor your messages to that. For instance, ‘I can’t wait for you to rip my clothes off when I see you next’, is wildly different from ‘I want you to fuck me like an animal tonight.’ Both are effective messages, but they work for different audiences.


Starting Out

So, you just got into a relationship with this awesome dude and you want to initiate ‘things’ with him, but are unsure if he’s that sort of person, what do you do? The most effective strategy is to start small and send flirty messages that aren’t explicit to see what sort of guy you’re dealing with.


For example, you can tease him by asking him to guess what you’ve named your boobs. The natural flow of the conversation should take things to steamier waters. Also, you could say something along the lines of ‘I want to kiss you slowly, deeply, and work my way down from your lips, to….’ This piques his interest and things could get very interesting from there.


Already in a relationship

Romance and steaminess don’t have to die just because you’re married. In fact, this should make things sexier as you know your man and what he’s all about. So if you are looking for a way to make things even more spicy, you can hit him up with a couple of messages to get his attention. An example is ‘Work sucks, which is ironic as I’d rather be sucking you.’ That’s a classic and should get your man very, very interested. These sorts of texts are even more effective when you both have plans to see each other and get into some action. So, saying something like ‘You get to pick 3 things I’ll be wearing tonight, what are they?’ Or something as explicit as ‘I found a couple of exciting positions for us to try, you game? This is sure to send your partner into uncontrollable fits of excitement.


‘I want you Bad’ Sexting

Have you been on a long trip and haven’t seen your man in a while? Are you aching for his body so badly and want to get him in the mood? There are a couple of tips for this situation that you could try that are sure to work. The trick is to use provocative language that draws him in, or weave a story that he can’t wait to get to the end of.


Take for instance, ‘I’m going to drain your load till there’s nothing left tonight.’ This creates anticipation and ensures that your man is ready and at attention when you both finally meet. Also, you could weave a story basically telling him everything you’re going to do to him and what you’ll be wearing to send his brain into overdrive. Hence, a blow-by-blow (pun intended) account of how your clothes are coming off and how you’re going to handle his dick later could be an excellent way to get things going.

With these sexting ideas, you should have your man eating out the palm of your hand (or… you know). Go forth and prosper!

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