Visit To Emmanuel Park At The Redemption Camp (RCCG)

Before we get into today’s post, I’m just going to say that there are many hidden and beautiful locations in Nigeria. If you suffer from a severe case of wanderlust like me, consider starting your exploring in your home country, you’ll be surprised at what you will find!

emmanuel park


That being said, fellow Nigerians, did you guys know that there’s an amusement park in Redemption Camp (Redeemed Christian Church God Camp)?  There is, and it’s worth visiting!

emmanuel park rccg

When my dad brought up the idea of taking a family trip to Redemption camp to spend a day to ourselves, as a family, I didn’t know what to expect. Until we got there and he told us that there was an amusement park, Emmanuel Park, within the camp and that was where we were headed, I became excited! An amusement park in RCCG Camp? Who would have thought?

emmannuel amusement park

We got there in the morning and we packed so much food to last us the whole day (trust my Nigerian mother). On getting there, we were told that you’ll have to pay to bring in your own food, at the end of the day my dad was able to talk them out of it and they let us in.

emmanuel park rccg

They have a price list based on the number of rides you want to take. The full package covering all the rides costs about N5000 per person, if you’re paying per ride, it’s N1000 per person. I really don’t know how much my dad paid but I am pretty sure it wasn’t up to that amount at all.

The first thing that struck me about Emmanuel Park when we got in was how deserted the place was, there were very few people, we literally had the whole place to ourselves, save the people working there, although we went on a weekday. We looked around and found somewhere to sit, before we decided to explore. They have so many nice rides and they also have a pool, if you’re interested in swimming.

emmanuel park redeemed christian church of God

We took this really long caterpillar ride that moved very fast (I don’t know the name, don’t judge me) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We didn’t do much here except look around, take pictures and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

If you are visiting Emmanuel Park, I will recommend going in a group, as there are not many people who visit, Also take food, water and every other necessities that you will need for the day. You might also need picnic mats too.

Generally it wasn’t all together a bad experience, although I’d say that the park definitely needs more attention in terms of maintenance. Would I want to visit again? Maybe.

Have you visited Emmanuel park before? If yes what did you think of the place? If no do you intend to visit? Do share your thoughts!

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