Uganda’s Jessica Nabongo Has Visited Every Country In The World

Record-setting globe trotter, Jessica Nabongo has visited all 195 countries in the world and is the first black woman to do so. The Ugandan-American completed her globe trotting with a touch down in Seychelles which is the last country she visited on her list.

jessica nabongo is the first back woman to visit every country in the world

Jessica Nabongo has been travelling since she was 6. Born in the United States to Ugandan parents, she made a decision to attempt this global feat in 2017. At this time, she had visited only 60 countries. However, between 2017 and 2019, she has visited 135 countries spending about 7 days per country.

She has been quoted by Okay Africa, saying,

I began my journey to every country in the world because I am a geography nerd, curious about other cultures, and want to show the world through a lens that we rarely view it from—that of a black woman.

The desire to change the lens through which different countries are seen particularly in Africa also informed the decision to travel. According to her, people have the perception “that many countries are dangerous, that people are miserable, that you cannot have nice, luxury, vacations on the continent.”

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