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Meet Sherine Magar Sawiris, The Wife Of Egyptian Billionnaire Nassef Sawiris

Sherine Sawiris is the wife of Nassef Sawiris, the billionaire who is worth 5.7 billion USD. Together, they have four children and live in London.

facts about sherine sawiris
Sherine Sawiris and Her Husband, Nassef Sawiris

Not much is known about Sherine because she keeps quite a low profile.

Below are some facts known about Sherine Magar Sawiris:

Sherine is Egyptian;

She speaks three languages;

Sherine graduated ‘cum laude’ from the American University in Cairo with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a minor in Economics;

Sherine is a trustee of the Sawiris Foundation.The Sawiris foundation is aimed at contributing to Egypt’s development, create sustainable job opportunities, and empower citizens to build productive lives that realize their full potential;

Sherine has homes in Egypt, London and New York;

Sherine is an ambassador for Chain of Hope, a London-based charity. Chain of Hope is a charity that works towards giving children across the globe access to quality cardiac care.

Sherine Sawiris has also served for a number of years on the acquisition committee for Middle Eastern art at Tate Modern, London.

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