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Make-up tricks!!! Want your makeup to look better and last longer? Check out these tips!

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For many of us, fall is the season when we often decide to undergo a major style change. We suddenly decide to visit a fashion hair salon, renew our wardrobes, and get a little bit more artsy and dramatic with our makeup. To make the latter look good and last throughout the whole day, we often need to know a tip or two. In this article, we present you with five makeup tricks you should stick to!

1. Use Concealer Instead Of Eye-shadow Primer:

Want your eye shadow to last longer and look more vibrant? Well, unfortunately, it is almost impossible if you don’t have any sort of base underneath. Fortunately for you, you don’t necessarily need to run to your local store to buy a primer. You can use your concealer instead! Apply a little bit of the product to your eyelids and blend it with a brush or beauty blender. Set it with translucent powder and you are good to go! The powder will also help you to blend the eye shadow beautifully.

2. Put Your Foundation On Top Of Powder:

If you were unlucky enough to acquire oily skin later in life and you have trouble with your foundation staying in place throughout the day, try out this trick! Grab your beauty blender or a large brush and apply your setting powder before using foundation. It will increase the coverage, help you to blend the product much faster, as well as will prevent you from getting oily too quickly. Remember to moisturize and prime your face beforehand.

3. Always Use Primer:

Speaking about priming, do not forget about this step! Your poor pores need some help and protection from all of the products you put on your skin. It will also prolong the wear of your face makeup, minimize your pores, and even out the texture of your skin.
Try out these makeup tips from here as soon as you can!

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