Make-up Tips For Natural Hair Women

Looking for a new foundation or an eyeliner at your nearest store you can notice that it is kind of a difficult task for women of colour. Not all beauty brands make cosmetics for Afro-American women.

Some lines don’t have dark shades at all, or they are too light, which makes your skin look artificial. Our professionals at Hair Salon in NYC are ready to tell you three basic make-up tips for dark skin and natural hair women.

make up tips for natural hair woman


The too-light foundation is a crucial mistake for women of colour. It is extremely important to stick to the right shade, appropriate for your face skin. Usually, all foundations have a little bit of yellow base, which helps to achieve a more natural look and perfect smoothness. If you fail, looking for the ideal tone, you can mix several foundations and get the one for you. Different bronzers and blushes are also a wonderful idea for your skin type.


All earthy tones consider being a perfect one for such a look. Light pink and dark red glosses will underline your natural beauty and sexuality. Try to avoid extremely dark colours and outlines.


Shimmering, metallic colours are on trend this season, and it works the best on Afro-American skin! You can play on contrast: the darker your skin tone is, the lighter colours you can use. Black mascara is a must for every woman, so don’t forget to apply it, to complete your look.

Love yourself and stay beautiful no matter what!

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