Lipsticks for Different Occasions

A killer looks with makeup is never complete without nice shades of lipsticks. Apart from the fact that your lipstick completes your make-up look, it says more about you than you think.

Well maybe it does not say so much, but it gives an impression to people around you, like the way some people judge books by their covers, some people judge you by your lipstick. It is expedient that you know the kind of lipstick to use during some particular occasions. Well, some people have signature lipsticks that they use everywhere and every time, for example, we see that rock stars (women) never wear bright coloured shades.

Most of the time, we see them in dark shades or even black. while someone that is very girly wears pink or coral. Well, that’s by the way a little change would not hurt on some occasions. Here are a few tips that might help you pick the right shades for some particular.

Nude lipsticks

This is one of the most commonly used lipstick shades. This is because it is quite natural and cool. Nude works perfectly for official hours, it is usually not nice to use a flashy colour while at work. This shade works perfectly for anyone at any time. Remember there are different shades of nude. Pick one that suits you perfectly.

Red Lipsticks

The red lipstick is one that makes you look glamorous and it makes you stand out on any occasion. A neutral face beat is transformed with the red lipstick They are always in vogue. It is at its very best during evening occasions this is because it gives you a sophisticated look, but if you’re good with it, go ahead and wear it during the day. Many women wear fewer accessories when they wear red lipstick because they already look chic. These shades also suit any age group, young or old.

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Pink/Coral Lipsticks

There are actually no rules for these colours; you can wear them anytime, to work, parties, church, classes, weddings or anywhere. Many times when ladies are done with their make-up and are confused about what colour of lipstick to use, they mostly go for these shades. Many people who go for lighter versions of these shades are young women teenagers. Older women would rather go for the less bright/shiny ones to portray maturity.

Black/ dark Lipsticks

These shades just like the red shade make a powerful statement. When you use a dark shade you’re either looked at as bold or weird.  However, they are ideal for themed parties. It is rare to see older people wearing these shades except it’s for a photoshoot.

The dark shade makes you stand out in a crowd and shouts across that you will not stick to the norm and you choose to differentiate yourself from others. It is a colour that exudes confidence.

Ombre Lipsticks

The ombre is also another shade of lipstick however this involves the use of a darker shade as a lip liner and a lighter shade as the inner coat of lipstick

The Lip Liner

The lip liner is also another aspect of lipstick as the pencil enables you to perfect the shape of your lip for example the Cupid bow which can be gotten through the perfectly lining of the lips.

Use a lipstick shade that is good for your skin colour. It is one thing to know what kind of lipstick to use for a particular occasion and it is another thing to know how to make use of lipstick for your skin colour. Do not make the mistake of using a shade of lipstick that does not suit your skin type.

For example, a very dark person using a certain kind of dark pink would look awkward. So whenever you are getting lipsticks or putting them on, get shades that fit you perfectly. However, when applying a shade that doesn’t suit your skin tone it’s best to mix it up. For example, a dark person using light purple in a certain way is kinda weird but adding nude lipstick to the Mix transforms the look totally.

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