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Casual bead designs

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Casual bead designs are simple types of jewelry made from beads which can be worn on outfits ranging from corporate wears to regular hang out wears. So let’s take a look at some bead designs for casual wears.

Types of Casual Bead Designs Include:

1. The Bead Bracelet: These set of beads can be worn on short sleeve outfits, and western attire. It gives your look a little bit of a masculine edge.

casual beads

2. Intertwined Beaded Necklace: Wear this piece of jewelry to give your outfit a sophisticated look. It should be worn on a dark colored western outfit.


casual bead

3. The Layered Beaded Necklace: This is appropriate for a dark colored button up shirt or a loose plain colored fancy top.


4. Drop Beaded Necklace: This should be worn on regular outfits, for not so serious occasions. This can also be worn on a plain colored dress or top. If you are also looking to have that traditional look, this is the best for you, since it brings a touch of “Africanness” to the table.


5. Simple Beaded Necklace: This piece can be worn on an evening dress. Accessorize with a pair of pin up earrings preferably black colored.

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