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4 Quick Bad Hair Day Fixes Before A Date

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Check out these quick hair fixes for a date! Going on a date but have no idea what to do with the disaster you call your hair? Here are some of the most common problems and ways to fix them!

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#1. Bad Dye Job

Use temporary hair dye. If you decided to dye your mane quickly and it turned out to be not what you expected, you can always try to fix it with a temporary hair dye. Unfortunately, unless you are blonde, you might have to go a little darker to cover the unwanted colour. In most cases, it will wash out in several weeks, and your hair will be ready for another dye job.

#2. Regrowth

Hide it with a bandana. If your roots are showing and you have no time to go to the fashion hair salon, cheat a little and cover the area with a silk scarf or a bandana. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of tutorials on the Internet you can look up and use to your benefit.

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#3. Oily Scalp

Your hair got oily, but it’s too early for you to wash it? Use dry shampoo to refresh your roots and visibly de-grease your locks. Spray the generous amount of the product on your hair and let it sit for several minutes; brush it out afterwards. It will also give you some additional volume, which is always a nice bonus.

#4. Dry And Damaged Hair

If there is no way you can use any of the masks above, try out the traditional hot oil treatments. Warm-up either olive or coconut oil. Make sure it is hot, but not scalding – you don’t want to burn yourself accidentally. Soak your hair in it and leave it in for an hour or so. Wrap your mane in a plastic bag or a shower cap and a towel to avoid creating a mess as well as to maintain the high temperature.

Try out these tips and trick the next time you have a bad hair day and you need to look good fast!

By Jessica Carter

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