How old is Charlotte Page in Henry Danger?

Charlotte Page, one of the characters in Henry Danger is 21 years old as she was born on 27th February 2001. She resides in Swellview.

Charlotte is a clever and sassy young girl who is best friends with Henry Hart. She works as Captain Man’s assistant and serves as the voice of reason for her friends, always helping them get out of difficult situations. Charlotte has lots of good ideas and is an essential part of the team, bringing a unique perspective to all their adventures.

Despite her occasional frustrations with Jasper, Charlotte is a loyal and supportive friend to him as well. She cares deeply for both Henry and Piper, and is always willing to help them out in any way she can. Additionally, she has a close relationship with Captain Man and values his guidance and support throughout her adventures.

Whether she’s dancing with Captain Man, solving a tricky puzzle, or coming up with a plan to stop the villains, Charlotte is an indispensable part of the Henry Danger team. Her quick wit and can-do attitude make her an unstoppable force and a true friend to all.

Charlotte Page is portrayed by Riele Downs.

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