How to use fermented rice water shampoo to maintain long healthy hair

The majority of people who have eaten rice have nothing but good things to say about it. After all, it’s a standard food for pretty much half of the world’s population. But many don’t know; there are a lot more benefits to get from rice – benefits that exceed dietary values. One good example is the use of fermented rice water shampoo for manageable, healthy hair.

Rice water shampoo

So, is it that hard to believe? I know but, it’s a verified fact that this natural shampoo adds silkiness and shine to hair.

Where did the idea of fermented rice water for hair come from?

The fact is, more Asian women already made the sensible choice of switching to fermented rice water shampoos for many years now. Hence, plenty of Asian women delight in their long and shiny hair. What about the cost? What if it is dang near free? Why? Because it is easy to do the work at home. Continue reading for more information. Without further ado, let’s start.

How to prepare fermented rice water for hair

You can make this with minimal effort. It all lies to knowing the correct ingredients and accurate measurements.

* 1 cup organic rice (whatever kind of rice you have)

* 2 cups of warm water

* 1 chamomile tea (great for blonde)

* 1 cup shikakai tea (great for dark hair)

* 1/4 cup aloe vera juice (thickens hair and helps with hair loss)

* Lavender oil (scent)

* 1 cup liquid castile soap (ideal for cleaning the scalp)


Step 1 – In a bowl, pour the rice and rinse. Remember to make use of clean water (distilled) when rinsing to ensure that the rice is free of chemicals and dirt.

Step 2- Before covering the bowl, add warm water and mix. Ratios don’t have to be perfect. It can vary based on the level of rice and water used. Allow rice and water to soak, wait for 30 minutes. Be sure you swirl this mixture so the water will be able to absorb the minerals and vitamins for an effective rinse.

Step 3 – Strain the water and place the rice in a clean bowl. At room temperature, give it about 1-2 days to sit for it ferment, or it becomes a bit sour. The amount of time for it to become fermented can vary on the temperature of the room. A hotter area is the true secret to quicken the method. By allowing the rice to sit in water, you may keep fermentation period at the minimum. You should strain it when fermented.

Step 4 – Some would prefer to let the fermented rice to boil. To boil or not to boil will depend on your specific hair needs. You may prefer to try both ways first to see the result. As an added benefit and more aroma, you might like to put castile soap, chamomile/shikakai tea, aloe vera, and drops of lavender oil.

Another way is making use of cooked rice. For this technique, make sure you increase the quantity of water. The excess water that sits on the rice once it is entirely cooked would be used. The essence here would be to make use of the highly-concentrated water that it contains. Dilution is required as you let it ferment while covered.

Note: With fermented rice water, one can ensure there are no additives. This simply implies that it will not last long even if you keep it in the fridge. To get its maximum benefit, it must be used within 5 – 6 days.

Why Switch to Using Fermented Rice Water Shampoo?

You could be asking yourself the question, why Fermented rice water for hair? The effects of rice water for your hair can be enhanced through fermentation. With the minerals and vitamins that it contains like vitamin B, vitamin E, antioxidants, minerals, and contains traces of pitera yeast, cell regeneration is promoted to get a more vibrant head of hair.

Proper Way to Use Fermented Rice Water Shampoo

 Apply the shampoo and massage it gently from the scalp all the way down the hair strand. After about five minutes, rinse thoroughly. Use once a week for awesome results.

You can also switch to this natural alternative as opposed to utilizing a commercialized shampoo. To enhance its cleansing power, you need to combine rice flour. Make sure that the hair is damp if you use fermented rice water.

Note: Continue using it for 3-4 weeks to see a huge transformation in your hair. A blow dryer may no longer be necessary while this shampoo is in use. You only need the hair to air dry naturally.

Advantages of Fermented Rice Water Shampoo for Hair

Fermented rice water shampoo has all kinds of amazing benefits to offer when added to your hair care regimen. These are some scientifically proven benefits you could depend on.

Indie Nicole Rice Water

So, how does fermented rice water work for hair?

  1. Faster Hair Growth

Amino acids and vitamins contained in rice water help in hair regeneration. Hence, this can reduce hair fall.

  1. Prevent Split Ends

Split ends can be challenging to deal with. The high protein content of rice water can help repair split ends. Soak your split ends in the water a bit longer. Rice water can help prevent hair breakage and hair loss.

  1. Hair Rinse

Change your conditioner to rice water. It may enhance the texture since it adds volume to your hair. This can furthermore make the hair smoother, stronger and healthier.

  1. Hair Roots are Strengthened

Like what was previously mentioned, amino acids can be found in rice water. It will add shine to the hair since it works on leaving it silky smooth.

  1. Protection Against Damage

Fermented rice water shampoo helps improve hair elasticity because it can minimize surface friction. It can allow fast and easy combing since it de-tangles the hair. With less breakage, straight kinky or curly hair will love it. Inositol is found in rice water. It is the ingredient that helps resolve damaged hair. This substance stays in the hair even with washing out the shampoo. Hair will remain protected with prolonged usage.

  1. Removes Dandruff

Itchy dandruff will calm down if there is an ongoing application of the fermented rice water. It saves you the discomfort of an annoying or scratchy scalp.

  1. Wipes out Lice

Because of the presence of starch in rice water, you could remove head lice. The truth is, it is a great answer for lice management before the problem spreads and becomes worse.

Rice water also works its magic on skin. It can be used as an ointment helping to sooth irritated skin or as a moisturizer. This tends to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rice water safe for hair?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for your hair.

Can you reuse rice water for hair?

No, proper hygiene dictates that you shouldn’t use it more than once.

Can you boil rice water for hair?

Some would prefer to let the fermented rice water to boil. To boil or not to boil will depend on your specific hair needs. You may prefer to try both ways first to see the result.

How long should you leave the rice water on your hair?

You can leave it for up to 20 or 30 minutes.

Can I shampoo after using rice water?

You don’t need to shampooafter using the rice water. Simply shampoo before applying it on your hair, then, go ahead to rinse it the rice water off afterwards.


I must say that fermented rice water shampoo is altogether an excellent choice for hair. With the fact that it is safe and natural, it is also inexpensive and extremely effective. The truth is, it’s one of the best natural shampoos for enhancing the condition of your hair for the better.

This article was written by Indie Nikole.

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