Makeup contouring rules you need to know

Very few people are blessed with a chiselled jaw-line and naturally highlighted cheekbones. So what should the others do? The “trend” of makeup contouring seems to be sticking around longer than expected. And with good reason; you can make your face thinner, pop out some new cheekbones or even give yourself a nose-job-all with a few swipes of the brush!

How to contour face for daily use

These days, contouring is about as close to makeup magic as we get. Utilizing the process of light and shadow, this technique can narrow a nose, enhance cheekbones, chisel a sharper jawline, define the brows and deepen the eyes. Contouring styles can run from subtle to dramatic, and we want to make sure you are able to achieve a naturally sculpted look without going too far. Here’s a list of ritual rules to keep in mind when contouring that complexion;

makeup contouring rules
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Rule 1: Moisturize and prime

Don’t forget to moisturize and prime the skin. It’s important to start off with a clean and smooth surface. It also creates a smooth canvas to work on.

Rule 2: Know your facial structure

What is your face structure? The rules of highlighting and contouring are different for different face structures. If you have a round face, contour under the cheekbones so that your jaw will appear to be sharper. If you have a narrow face, shade the top of the forehead and a little around the chin.

Rule 3: Make sure you have the right products/brushes

Contouring requires key products and tools, using the wrong one can change the overall look. If you are working with powder-based products, you must have the right applicators.

Rule 4: Know what goes where

Be aware of the focal points for each product. Darker foundation goes across the forehead and onto the outer edges of the cheeks. Highlighter should be applied to the bridge of the nose, top of the cheekbones and the Cupid’s bow. Again, any wrong move could impact the overall contouring effect. Also, always be sure to use a light touch in your application. Building colour is easier than toning it down.

Rule 5: Blend!Blend!Blend!

Blending is one of the most important steps in contouring. Using a brush gently blends any hard edges away so that the effect is natural and looks effortless.

No matter how beautifully you’ve applied the shades and the highlights, if you haven’t blended them properly, they won’t look natural.

Questions about contouring your face

What does makeup contouring do?

Makeup contouring helps you sculpt your face by adding dimension using makeup and the effect of shadow and light. The technique is to use makeup that is slightly darker or lighter than your actual skin colour.

Do you put foundation on before you contour your face?

Apply your contouring makeup after the foundation and concealer. Also, make sure you use a foundation that is the same shade as your natural skin tone in order to create a flawless base.

What is the purpose of contour makeup?

Contour makeup helps you to redefine the structure of your face by enhancing the shadows.

Article by Winifred Chika Ezeagu

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