Here Are Some Feminist Coven T-Shirts Which Are Absolutely Beautiful

For a number of days, the term feminist coven has been trending on Twitter. The term has its history in the fact that a twitter user (whose name is not worthy of being mentioned), referred to women fighting for equality on social media as members of the feminist coven.

Women seem to have bodied this title very well so far, even going as far as designing logos for the cause. However, logos are not the only things being designed, as more women have designed even more beautiful t-shirts for the feminist coven association.

So, if you are a member of the feminist coven, you should get in here to see amazing t-shirt designs you can proudly acquire.

feminist coven tshirt feminist coven tshirt

These were made by @tehmii_ and retail for N4000 per tee.

feminist coven

This was made by @ichinazam_ and retails for N3000 per tee

feminist coven t-shirts feminist coven t-shirts

These were made by @shirts_414 . It is not clear how much they currently retail for.

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