Deception Unveiled: Inside the Viral TikTok Series ‘Who TF Did I Marry’?

“Who TF did I marry?” is the name of a woman’s TikTok series in which she exposes her husband’s compulsive lying. The series has gone viral.

The videos, which @Reesamteesa started sharing on February 15, include 50 parts and describe the dysfunctional marriage.

The woman’s ex-husband and her first crossed paths in March 2020 via Facebook Dating and Hinge. Suspicions were immediately aroused since he used two distinct identities and images on both sites.

They met two weeks before Georgia’s quarantine began, tied the knot in January of 2021, and then, in June of the same year, she forcibly removed him from home. They went through a divorce in August of 2021; therefore, the whole thing takes place over around 18 months.

On their first date, her tyre exploded, which she described as a “clearly a sign” of the horrors that were to follow. She mistook him for fixing her flat tyre and covering the cost for the beginning of a “beautiful relationship”—but she was sorely mistaken.

In more than 50 videos, she details her husband’s “pathological lies” that he used to trick her throughout their marriage. These lies included but were not limited to making daily phone calls to an imaginary sibling, embellishing his financial situation, and hiding his actual name. Paying off his automobile, talking to a realtor when they were home hunting, negotiating the property’s release from the bank, and conversing with a plethora of “made-up” pals were all phone calls that he made in front of her that were utterly false.

While they were married, he continued to tell her he was a temporary forklift driver and not the VP of a big condiment firm. The individual would telephone the firm’s president and act as if he were reprimanding staff members.

“It is frightening how intelligent he was and how much effort he put into the deception,” she said, saying that he fabricated a $700,000 mortgage approval from Chase Bank and blamed the builders when their home purchase fell through.

If you hadn’t seen all the warning signals in the marriage, which she dubbed “the United Nations of red flags,” you may have concluded she was “colour-blind” to have disregarded them all.

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