Natalia Speaks Out: Uncovering the Real Story of the Ukrainian Orphan Accused of Attempted Murder

The adoptive American parents of the Ukrainian orphan Natalia Grace have accused her of attempting to murder them, but a DNA test seems to have shown that she was a child when she was adopted.

Michael and Kristine Barnett of Indiana adopted Natalia in 2010, when she was nine years old, according to the blood test that was done by the medical lab TruDiagnostic, which put her age at around 22.

Natalia thought she was about 20 years old when the DNA test was done in August 2023.

Natalia tells it all

It is noteworthy that Natalia has a rare genetic disorder.  The Barnetts insisted she was an adult when they adopted her.

“This one little piece of paper throws every single lie that the Barnetts has said right into the trash with a match,” Natalia asserted in the debut episode of The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks. The show began airing on ID on Jan. 1. “This is so big. Because literally, this has been 13 years of just two people lying their butts off. They ruined a kid’s life. They painted [me] as some big monster.”

“It just proves I was not lying about my age,” she continued. “They ignored everything pointing to the truth to create this stupid lie. They knew it, and they still did what they did.”

The Curious Case of Natalia Grace, which chronicled Natalia’s story with the Barnetts and other family members through exclusive interviews, throws more light on Natalia’s experiences. 

The series on “Natalia’s perspective offers insight into what really went on behind closed doors in the Barnetts’ home and how much truth there actually is to their claim Natalia was not a 6-year-old Ukrainian orphan with a rare genetic disorder, but rather a homicidal adult intent on harming them and their children,” as stated in an ID press release.

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