“Dad, How Do I?” – The Story Of A Man Whose Father Left When He Was Just A Child

Rob Kenney’s father walked out on him when he was just a boy. Now Rob has started a channel “Dad, how do I?” to help young children who may not have the chance to grow up with a father figure around. Today, his channel has 750,000 subscribers and features tutorial videos like how to fix running toilets and how to unclog a drain.

Rob Kennedy who is from Chicago shared his story with local TV station WCIU about how coming from a “fractured home” inspired him to pass some of his wisdom on.

He said,

It’s definitely resonating – I’m getting such amazing comments from people. This has gone way beyond what I thought – I thought it would have 20 or 30 subscribers. Some of the emotional responses I’ve gotten from people who don’t have fathers or don’t have a relationship with their father or have lost their father, have said they’ve watched my videos in tears.

He went on to say he really couldn’t believe what this has become. And, he channel hasn’t gone unappreciated as countless people have gone on the channel to drop comments on how amazing they think his content is.

dad how do i - Rob Kennedy
Rob Kennedy

Some of the comments on the “Dad, How do I” youtube channel include:

“Sir, you deserve all the support you’re getting, you are being a wonderful father figure to those who don’t have a dad,” 

“I can’t even put into words how much I admire and respect you. As I was watching this my eyes filled up with tears, you are such an amazing person with such a kind heart! God bless you and thank YOU for this. The world needs more people like you! Lots of love from Romania. <3”
“I lost my dad to a heart attack when I was 14 and he was only 45. He was a really great guy, he worked so hard to provide for us and was so handy around the house, popular, a real ‘mans man’ in the streets but treated us all like royalty in the home. I know this channel will help me as I prepare to buy my first home. Thank you so much, I wish you and yours all the best. x”

According to Rob Kennedy, he had initially suggested it to his daughter, and she totally supported his idea. However, he didn’t get the chance to do it until quarantine began. 

This YouTube channel has now become a viral sensation and was shared on Twitter with the following text:

His father left when he was 12, now he has a YT channel called, “Dad, how do I?” to help kids who are growing up without dads, teaching them basic tasks that you’d usually ask your dad for help on. This is the purest thing. 

Some of the Dad how do I YouTube videos include:

  • “How to fix most running toilets”;
  • “How to unclog a bathtub drain”;
  • “How to unclog a sink”;
  • “How to be good to yourself. – Winners announced!”;
  • “How to hang a shelf.”

How Rob Kennedy’s father left him

Rob’s father left him after getting custody of him following his divorce. According to Rob, his father got custody of them, but didn’t really want them. He often left them on their own for weeks. Eventually, he couldn’t handle the situation any longer and one day in the kitchen, he announced that he was leaving them. 

He was taken in by his older sibling, a 23-year old newlywed brother who lived in an 8 by 35 foot mobile home. 

Following the success of the YouTube page, Rob Kennedy has also gone on to create a Facebook page, also called, “Dad, How Do I?

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