Columbia Researchers Have Found A Way To Reverse Hair Graying

A research group in Columbia University has found that if the cause of your gray hair was a stressful event, once that stress is removed, your hair would revert back to its original color. 

For a long time, people have assumed that once you go gray, it stays that way forever, however, this research has proven that it is not the case. According to the researchers, Martin Picard and his colleagues, no prior longitudinal study had been done to determine the “stress to hair graying” condition in humans.

In this study, they collected 400 hair samples from 14 subjects and were able to determine that if a person’s white hair was caused by a recent stressful event. Their study helped to identify white hairs regaining pigmentation within days to weeks in health individuals. 

While this research showed that de-stressing can reverse graying, it also showed that the stress needed to be eliminated quickly after the person had gone gray. This research would go a long way in identifying ways to reverse aging.

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