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The Business Women Of Makoko

One can hardly go through the Third Mainland Bridge without noticing this community. I got the chance to visit Makoko and was amazed by the businesses being done by the women of Makoko on water.

Rights Of A Tenant And A Landlord In Nigeria

The Law gives us certain basic rights as individuals in all aspects of our lives. One very critical set of laws, often unknown by many, are the rights available to tenants and landlords. These rights however differ depending on the type of tenancy agreement reached between the landlord and tenant. Find below the rights of a tenant and landlord in Nigeria.

Aisha Buhari’s Tweets Show That She Is Not Happy With The Conduct Of The Primaries Held By The All Progressive Congress (APC) Party Across...

Aisha Buhari, wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, says the All Progressives Congress (APC) was not fair to aspirants who partook in its primaries across the country.

Bianca Ojukwu In Battle For APGA Senatorial Ticket

Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu will face Ifeanyi Ubah, Ikenna Amaechi, Nicholas Ukachukwu and Anselm Enyimba on Wednesday in the senatorial primary of the All Progressives Grand Alliance for Anambra South District.

True Women Liberation Cannot Coexist With Organized Religion

Organized religion also known as institutional religion, is religion in which belief systems and rituals are systematically arranged and formally established. Organized religion is typically characterized by an official doctrine (or dogma), a hierarchical or bureaucratic leadership structure, and a codification of rules and practices.

4 Types Of Parenting Styles

Today, there are 4 types of parenting styles which are recognized. They are: Authoritarian; Permissive; Uninvolved; Authoritative. Your parenting style is simply the strategy which you use in raising your children. Your parenting style can affect the way your children mature into adults. In...

Mental Effects Of Body Shaming

There's always a better way to say all of these things without being unfeeling. In this article, we examine the mental effects of body shaming

Can one feel pleasure while being sexually assaulted?

There is a culture of silence when it comes to sexual assault in this part of the world, and the fact that assault is shrouded in so much silence limits us from fully exploring the realms of what this violation entails.

#NoMore: Why These Sexual Assaults Must Not Be Covered Up! By Ireti Bakare-Yusuf

It was Saturday May 5, 2018 and there it was on social media, a platform with 84 million Nigerians, 4.68 percent of who are Twitter users. Without a major international media interview, @OhTimehin still managed to arrest us throughout that day.

The end of corruption in Nigeria starts with each individual

In Nigeria, when people hear corruption all they imagine or think of, is a minister, commissioner or head of state with pot belly and putting on native attire, going about bribing people or giving money to boys to cause problems during elections and keeping country’s money in their various banks abroad;

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The key to sending the right sext message is to understand the personality of who you are with.

All You Need To Know About Giselle Glasman, Wife Of Lennie James

If you watched Columbiana, Blade runner 2049, then you are probably familiar with actor, Lennie James. But not much is known about his wife, Giselle Glasman.