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Not Everybody Likes Melania Trump’s White House Christmas Decoration

Melania Trump has decorated the White House for Christmas and not everybody is loving it.

Cardi B And Offset Have Split Again, And This Time It Looks Final

Cardi B and Offset have split again. This time it seems like they may not be coming back together. The couple may also be getting a divorce.

How Jennifer Hosten Became The First Black Woman To Be Crowned Miss World In 1970

Jennifer Hosten was the first black woman to be crowned Miss World in 1970 from the Caribean Island of Grenada. 

Suit Against Egyptian Actress, Rania Youssef, Over Dress Worn To Cairo Film Festival Has Been Dropped

All three lawyers, Amr Abdel Salam, Hamido Jameel al-Prince and Wahid al-Kilani, who sued Rania Youssef with public obscenity and incitement to debauchery for wearing a sheer dress to the Cairo Film Festival have withdrawn their charges.

Hailey Baldwin Is Now Hailey Bieber After Secretly Tying The Knot With Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has just announced that he is a “married man”. Before now, there have been a lot of unconfirmed reports about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin secretly tying the knots, especially when she changed her name to Hailey Bieber on Instagram.

Moroccan Woman Cooked Ex-Lover And Served Him To Construction Workers

A Moroccan woman butchered her lover, chopped his remains into small bits and fed them to construction workers with rice.

Life After The White House: Here Is How The Obamas Are Rediscovering Romance

It is no news that ever since leaving the White House in Since leaving the White House in January 2017, Michelle and Barack Obama have been enjoying the one thing they lacked during their eight years as first couple: alone time.

Donald Trump Is Using A Female Intern As A Pawn To Smear A Journalist’s Image

A court filing by the Justice Department has ruled that The White House can pick and choose which journalists are given a pass to cover it.

Melania Trump Just Forced White House Deputy National Security Adviser, Mira Ricardel, Out Of Her Job. You Would Be Shocked To Find Out Why!

Melania Trump has just forced Mira Ricardel, the White House deputy national security adviser, out of her job.

Melania Trump Rejects Michelle Obama’s Offer To Help

Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama wrote a passage in her new memoir, "Becoming," about how Laura Bush, her predecessor had offered her help to Obama when she became first lady. According to Michelle Obama, Laura Bush had said that if she needed help she was just "a phone call away". 

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The Problem With Sexist Comedy

Sexist comedy trivializes issues that women face. Example of such issues includes rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment etc. Find out why it needs to stop, and why those who enjoy this type of content need to be called out as well as the comedians who crack these jokes.

Profile of Sara Menker, Founder of Gro Intelligence

Sara Menker is an Ethiopian businesswoman. She is the founder and CEO of Gro Intelligence, a software company that is focused on the global food and agriculture markets.

Profile of Aisha Pandor, Founder of SweepSouth

Aisha R. Pandor is a South African businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of SweepSouth, an online platform for booking and managing home-cleaning services from your mobile devices or laptops.

So You Want Men To Like You…

A letter from a woman who is tired of women who desperately want to be picked by men and do all they can to belittle feminism and the fight for gender equality.

Mariam Adedoyin-Olowe’s Story Of An Explosion of Purpose And Its Resulting Success

At 37, after 2 children, Mariam Adedoyin-Olowe decided to get her first degree. Today, she is a PhD holder and a Lecturer in Data Analytics And Research Methods & Project Management.