7 Ways To Make Any Guy Miss You

Are you interested in making a man missing you. Experts say that when a guy misses you, your value increases in his sight. This is not because you were valueless, but because he now tends to appreciate your presence a lot more.

7 Ways To Make Any Guy Miss You

Making a guy miss you involves a number of counter-intuitive strategies which you may not necessarily be used to.

Here are 7 ways to get a guy to miss you:

  1. Don’t initiate conversations or reaching out:

When you constantly reach out to a man, it reduces your value in his eyes. He is never going to feel like he should reach out to you or initiate contact with you. You need him to wonder where you are, or what you are doing. You need to also not  reply his texts or calls immediately. You need him to sweat a bit in getting your attention.

2. Have him on a “need-to-know”:

Tell him things only when and if he needs to know it. Guys love mystery, and so they would never really value you if you are an open book.  Don’t tell him things that are not his business. When he asks for a hangout, instead of saying, “no, I have to be at a friend’s”, you can simply say, “no, I am unavailable”. You need to shroud yourself in mystery. Nobody likes a needy woman.

3. Don’t be a Yes-Girl:

Saying “NO” to a guy regularly will keep a guy glued to you. You don’t want a man saying yes to you every time, do you? Now why would you be a yes-girl to a man. That just makes you seem like a doormat.

4. Give him a limited time offer:

You want to show him how nice you can be, or how great you can be by first hanging out with him regularly. Then next, you reduce the amount of time you spend with him to once a week or even once in two weeks. That way, he strives harder to see you.

5. Invite him to a hangout with your friends:

This is a way for him to see how you interact with other men and also, your friends. You are not trying to make him jealous, you are only trying to show him that you have other options.

6. Intimacy

People confuse intimacy with sex. However, intimacy ranges from deep conversations about your past to vulnerability shown by both of you. As the relationship grows, then you can now add sex as the icing on the cake. However, sex should not be the cake itself, but the icing.

7. Don’t tell him that you miss him:

You need to relax the pace of your feelings a bit. By telling him you miss him, you are showing him where he stands with you. That takes away points from being a mysterious woman that you want him to think you are.

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