Sunday, November 28, 2021

What Corona Virus Means For Your Relationship

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2020 is not really going the way we all planned. What with the lock-down and pandemic which countries are facing globally. It is going to affect drastically, a lot of things from work life, to people’s daily lifestyle, and more importantly, it is going to affect your relationship life.

Here are five ways in which corona virus may impact your relationship.

  1. Deeper connections: During this corona virus pandemic, more people are going to form deeper connections. This is because now, there is less focus on being physically intimate with one another, and instead, more focus on communicating. We all know that communication breeds better and deeper relationships.Many times, people use sex to replace physical intimacy and this makes them think they have a real connection when in fact they do not.
  2. New habits: This is for couples who are living together. This period is the best to form new habits, within the relationship. Now you can make out time to do things together, things which ordinarily, you would never have done.
  3. Re-evaluate your relationship: During this period, you would be able to re-evaluate your relationship, set relationship goals for yourself and your partner and also, decide on the vision for your family/relationship.
  4. Discover yourself: Often times, we forget that even if you are single, you are still in a relationship – with yourself. This is the time to introspect, decide on your future goals and vision for your life. Evaluate what you want in a partner and try to figure out if the man you want to date would want to date you. Then, go ahead to pick out new qualities which you want to imbibe for yourself.
  5. Kill relationships: In as much as the lock-down and pandemic can have all these beautiful effects on your relationship. It can also kill your relationship, and, that in itself may not be a bad thing. Especially if the relationship is toxic. During this period, you would really have enough time to take a step back and re-evaluate your relationship. The result of that evaluation may not always be nice.
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