5 Ways to Rekindle Love in a Marriage That Has Gone Cold

When did you last tell your spouse that you loved them? For many couples, the answer is “a while ago” or even “longer than I care to admit.” They get so caught up in day-to-day life—kids, work, chores, and other issues—that they forget to make time for their relationship. They just keep doing these little things that annoy, each other until… BAM! They’re in a bad marriage.

Now is the time to rekindle love in your marriage. Scroll down for five easy ways to put some romance back into your relationship.

1. Get out of your routine.

Routines are the number one killer of romance. The more you’re able to shake up your routine—any routine, not just the one you and your spouse share—the more likely you’ll be to find something romantic.

So plan a date at an unfamiliar place or try an activity that you’ve never done together before. And don’t feel like it has to be all about romance, either. Doing things together as a family can bring excitement to your relationship as well as your marriage.

2. Truly listen to one another.

Sometimes we talk but we really don’t listen. This is a surefire way to destroy intimacy and put out the fire in your relationship.

If you’re not really listening, then what’s the point of talking?

Make certain you truly hear what your spouse is saying by focusing on the words they are using and asking them to clarify anything that you didn’t understand. Then repeat back to them what it was they were trying to communicate.

3. Be available.

A spouse who feels like they always have to be the one to initiate plans or do the asking will feel put off and unappreciated by their partner.

If your spouse wants you to join them for an activity, try making yourself available so they don’t always have to ask. This can often mean offering to take charge and planning something you know your spouse will enjoy.

4. Put away your phone and focus on one another.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from spouses is that their partners are always on their phones when they’re together. It’s important to make time for the two of you to connect without distractions like smartphones, TV, or even kids.

5. Don’t argue in front of the kids.

Kids don’t need to be exposed to an argument, stressed out by their parents’ tension, or made to feel that they’re somehow responsible for their unhappiness with each other.

If you and your spouse have a disagreement that can’t be resolved at the moment, it’s best to take some time out away from the kids to address it. You can then come back together once you’ve both had time to calm down and approach the situation in a more loving way.

There you have it! Five simple ways to rekindle love in your marriage.

So don’t wait another minute. Put these into practice today and enjoy the results tomorrow!

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