Your Guide to Choosing Your Next Nail Shape

As the year is wrapping up, a lot of beauty and style trends are also evolving. If you are a fan of getting pretty nails especially acrylic ones or even normal press-on, then you should keep reading.

Life is too short to keep having boring nails when you can experiment and get very pretty ones. If you’re looking to experiment in 2022, here are 7 nail shapes you should choose from. 

Square nails

As the name implies, this particular nail shape appears round on the bottom, in tune with your natural nails, and comes up square at the top. The flat tip makes this shape a very attractive shape. Nails with square edges make it easier to carry out activities such as typing or holding a pen, while also keeping your nails looking good.

Oval-shaped nails

Oval-shaped nails mimic how your natural nails “are supposed to grow”. This means that this nail shape is a natural winner for everyone. These nails work well for the more “dainty” hands and fingers. They give a very classy look to nails while being easy to maintain.

Squoval nails

This is the perfect synergy of square and oval nails, call it the best of both worlds! The top of these nails are oval to avoid snagging, and the bottom is shaped squarely. They are also more durable than most nail shapes. 

Coffin nails

This nail shape is a personal favourite! It is round at the bottom and as it gets longer, it thins out at the sides, giving it a definite, charming look. However, this shape is harder to achieve with your natural nails, so it is often advised to get it using acrylics. Coffin nail is a very chic and stylish shape with its very thin sides and flat top. A lot of people find this shape to be uncomfortable, but it is worth finding out if you are one of them.

Stiletto nails

This nail shape is also one of the prettiest sets to get. As the name implies, this nail shape looks like a typical stiletto. Its typical sharp tips make it very appealing and pretty. However, it is likely to snag or get caught around surfaces so you need to be very careful. Like coffin nails, it is also quite difficult to achieve with natural nails as well. 

Almond nails

This particular nail shape is flat at the bottom with a pointy top but not as sharp as the stiletto nail. These nails are known to look sturdy and long-lasting. They are also great for very busy work schedules, without moving too far from the more feminine oval tip look.

Round nails

Short, simple, and cute and you have the good-old round nails. It’s a classy nail shape and by far the most durable one. If you like sticking to a simple, yet pretty manicure that is low-maintenance, then this is your go-to in 2022. 

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