Moroccan Woman Cooked Ex-Lover And Served Him To Construction Workers

A Moroccan woman butchered her lover, chopped his remains into small bits and fed them to construction workers with rice. This crime was discovered after the police found a tooth in her blender reports.

Photo credit: Reuters

She had cooked the group of Pakistani construction workers in the United Arab Emirates a feast of Machaboos, a customary Gulf cuisine dish made with rice and meat.

Three months passed before she was discovered and arrested by the police. The woman who is in her 30s, then confessed to dismembering her boyfriend. According to Gulf News, they had dated for seven years and she had gotten into a fit of temporary “insanity” when her boyfriend who was in his 20s broke up with her. He had said he was going to marry his cousin in Morocco.

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She went on to say that she had provided for the man for the seven years they dated, while they were living in Al Ain in the UAE, so she could not understand why he wanted to leave all of a sudden.

This crime could have remained undiscovered if the man’s brother had not begun a search for him. The man’s brother had told the police that the lady told him that she kicked her ex out of her house.

He then reported the matter to the police who searched her house and discovered a tooth in the blender. The tooth was subjected to a DNA test, and it later became confirmed that it was for the missing man.

After initially denying that she killed him, she later confessed to the crime. Telling the police that the parts which were not suitable for cooking, she fed to dogs.

The woman has been sent to a hospital for check up, to determine if she is mentally ill.

According to The National, police are suspecting that she had an accomplice who helped her get rid of the body. However, the suspected co-conspirator has denied allegations, claiming that she was unaware of this incident, but that she however, noticed blood stains in the couple’s house.

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