Who is Amber Marmol? Career and Personal Life Explored

Amber Marmol is the co-founder of O.MAR Performance, a program that provides top coaching methods to athletes who want to gain an advantage in their sport. She is also the wife of Oliver Marmol. Amber Marmol is also an entrepreneur, real estate agent and investor, as per her social media profile.

Amber Marmol and her spouse Oliver launched VS (pronounced Versus), a Sports EdTech app, recently. VS will enable users to view lessons from experts like Fernando Tatis Jr., Jessica Mendoza, and Albert Pujols—think MasterClass but with baseball—and will employ conversational AI to allow viewers to pose queries.

The app was born from a trip to Guatemala the couple took in 2011. There, they visited an orphanage and were motivated by the extreme poverty they witnessed there to find a way to give back.

The Marmols decided to include lessons not just on athletic skills, but also on how to deal with adversity, failure, and success. They were inspired in part by social media and the comparison game that often accompanies it.

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