When Women Are in There, Make More Room for Other Women’ – Zoe Saldana Speaks About Gender Equality Battle in Hollywood

American actress Zoe Saldaña believes that the Gender equality battle in the Hollywood industry is dependent on strong women lifting each other up and not pulling others down.

The Avatar actresses while speaking at the Cannes Film Festival’s Kering Suite, called for more female representation in the film industry.

“We need more female CEOs. We need more women sitting on boards. Because those are the gatekeepers,” she said.

Zoe clarified she’s not being “anti-guy,” rather “bring a chair in, and bring another woman with you”.

“Art survives because we need middle industries to propel us from point A to point B,

“You need a believer who is a shaker and maker. Those seats need to be held by other women”, said the actress.

She added that men also have to be part of the fight for gender equality in the industry.

“When women are in there, make more room for other women. That’s important. It’s on us to do it,” she said.

“And for the men, the ones that are doing it right and making room for women, thank you. You’re so sexy”, she concluded.

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