What Was Lina Morgana’s Relationship With Lady Gaga?

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Lina Morgana is another name that has been passed around the internet for 14 years, yet receives little media attention. She was a rising vocalist who reportedly committed suicide.

Despite reports that she killed herself, many people are still puzzled as to why her death didn’t get more media attention.

Who was Lina Morgana?

Morgana was a rising star of music from Staten Island, New York who was born on January 11, 1989. She was of Russian heritage and her parents were divorced. At 19, she had a producer Rob Fusari.

In October 2008, Morgana reportedly jumped from the roof of the Staten Island Hotel in Graniteville. She was taken to a hospital in serious condition and later died.

A legal dispute involving Yana Morgana’s mother and the hotel erupted after the accident. The family filed a lawsuit against the hotel on account of wrongful death. According to the family, they did not believe Lina committed suicide.

However, it is not known what eventually happened to the case and whether it was settled or discontinued.

Lina Morgana had recorded at least 24 songs and was about to release a debut album, but she died before it could be released.

Why is she linked to Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga was also scouted by Morgana’s producer, Rob Fusari and she also dated him. Lady Gaga served as Lina Morgana’s backup vocalist and co-writer. They are said to have produced at least ten tracks, only one of which was released under Morgana’s name as Wunderland.

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