What Not To Do When Going For A Job Interview

Interviews generally serve as make or break points in the quest to acquire gainful employment. And as such, people are usually filled with a plethora of what to do to ensure a successful job interview and they usually neglect the aspect of what not to do.

Knowing what not to do during a job interview is equally, if not more important than knowing what to do. Thus, here are a few tips of what not to do during a job interview

What Not To Do At A Job Interview

1. Not doing your research
Having the skills for a job is one thing, but just how much do you know the Company/firm/institution that is interviewing you. Check the “About Us” link on the company/firm/Institution website and read their mission statement. Find out who the competition and major players in the market are. Basically have general in-depth knowledge about the company/firm/institution you’re being interviewed to work in so you wouldn’t get caught unawares my any unexpected questions.

2. Turning up late
Unless you have a very good excuse and ring ahead to rearrange, turning up late for an appointment will not endear you to any employer. Generally, humans don’t ever feel the need to keep to time, but turning up late for an interview won’t at all improve your chances of landing the job.

3. Dressing inappropriately
Now this is a tricky one. While smart casual might be the current trend, professional attire is still proper business etiquette for interviews. It’s all about first impressions. Also, there’s a thin line between looking to casual and over doing it, so thread those lines carefully.

4. Fidgeting with unnecessary props
Basically spend less time on your phone/tab, and avoid playing with stuff like nail files, hair pins, etc. And avoid chewing gum, it’s often perceived as rude.

5. Poor body language
Eye contact, good posture, a cheerful demeanor and a firm handshake will get you a long way in an interview.

6. Unclear answering and rambling
Take time to think before you answer questions and avoid bumbling to an uncomfortable halt; it doesn’t inspire confidence. Also, ensure your replies are as audible as possible so as to avoid being asked to repeat a statement

7. Speaking negatively about your current employer
Never complain about your current employer no matter how despotic or ineffectual they are. Badmouthing won’t reflect well on you.

8. Not asking questions
Ask questions please, employers want to see that you’re at least interested in the job.

9. Lying on your CV
Please, avoid lying on your CV because anything written on your CV could be discussed at an interview and a fabrication about your work or education record could damage your reputation and reduce your chances of landing the job.

10. Getting personal or too familiar
Avoid giving sob stories and getting too personal with your interviewers. Also, avoid being too flirty. Keep it professional.

11. Not bringing along additional CVs
Always bring surplus copies of your CV to hand out because of the uncertainty.as to the amount of people you’d be handing them to.

12. Not following up
You might not think you’ve performed well in an interview but a simple email reiterating your interest is a courtesy that might just pay off in the long run.

This article was written by Musa Nadir Tochukwu

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