4 Ways To Handle A Strained Business Relationship

A strained relationship can be one of the most distressing things to cope with. Whether it is a relationship with a loved one, friend, or a business partner/colleague.


Dealing with a strained business relationship



In any case, a business relationship can sour regardless of whether you aren’t getting terminated, laid off, or dismissed from whatever it is you do for individual or organization. You may likewise endure the brush off—an extraordinary type of hellfire where you get ignored or just randomly left alone by yourself without any tasks.

Fortunately, there are a couple of strategies you can use to cope with these straining relationships.

1. Never get too familiar:

You may have heard the saying that, “your boss is never your friend!” Well, to an extent, that is true. Regardless of whether you’re chipping away at a side venture for another person or you just have an important job to worry about, your most important priority—notwithstanding completing your work—is to maintain  a professional relationship with your colleagues and boss. That is particularly valid for the ones who have control over you.

Sure you can get friendly, but be sure to always check-in on the relationship to make sure that you are not overstepping boundaries.

2. Take time to ask important questions:

There was once a story told about a man who called his boss using another line and pretending to be a job seeker, asking to take the job he currently occupied. He did this to be sure that the boss was satisfied with the quality of work he was giving out..

You may not have to be this extreme, but it is important to always check in by asking questions about what your boss would like you to improve in your relationship. Fight the temptation to have these sort of discussions over Slack, instant messages, or email. Request a chat on the telephone, go for a video gathering in case you’re remote or, have an up close and personal gathering.

3. When the relationship ends, don’t take it personal:

To begin with, don’t think about it literally, regardless of whether your boss is a super-snap and the immediate reason for your lost gig. Enticing as it may be to go thinking about something irrelevant about the fact that they are terrible, keep your eyes on the prize: that sweet sack of cash you get for working.

When you are confronted with a possible loss of your source of income, you may try to barter. It may be a problem that can be fixed ultimately.

If for example, you’re being cut because of budgets, consider lowering your rates or negotiating some new arrangement that at least has you making somemoney while you seek out other opportunities

4. Exit with grace:

We get it. You could not salvage that job, what then do you do? Exit with grace and explore new opportunities. You may be tempted to start a Twitter storm or Linked In rage about how you were treated by your last company, but burning a bridge is only a short term solution for your unhappiness.

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