What Is the Utah Soda Trend?

The Utah soda trend is fast becoming a popular way to consume sugary drinks. It allows you to choose your own ingredients and control what flavor goes into each drink. Overall, this trend is a great way to get your fix of sweetened beverages with different unique flavors.

If you’ve looked through TikTok in the last month, you’ve undoubtedly seen people drinking fizzy sodas with coffee creamer, fresh fruit, flavored syrups, and even candy bits on top.

After Utah-based TikTok user, Taylor Blender posted a video asking viewers to ask her anything about “Utah Sodie Culture” on April 11, the #UtahSoda hashtag on TikTok has already gained over 7.8 million views.

After that, she described her experience at a Utah soda store and enlightened those unaware by explaining how combining soda with various flavored syrups (for example, blue raspberry and peach) with a coffee creamer of choice is the standard procedure for customers of such businesses.

Although this is a relatively new trend for people outside Utah, it is quickly gaining popularity across the country. Whether you’re in Utah yourself or just looking to try something new, I would definitely recommend giving this unique drink trend a try!

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